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What to Do When Preparing To Meet Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Having a criminal case to answer is something most people experience even when they were not ready for it. Being charged with a crime may alter most of your life aspects and plans. However, it doesn't mean you should avoid the case you are facing. You should instead look for a competent criminal defense lawyer to handle it. Before most of the victims think of contacting a criminal lawyer, they first think of what they need to do, how it would work out and how long their case would take. Here is how you prepare for the initial consultation with the criminal defense lawyer such as from

Book an initial consultation. Write an email to a prospective criminal lawyer you were referred to by a friend or relative, or simply pick your phone and call them. Contacting a criminal defense attorney is the first huge step you make in your criminal case. If you don't know any of the criminal lawyers to contact, you can visit a law firm near you and get guidance on how to proceed with your case. Most criminal defense lawyers or law firms are able to organize an initial consultation just a few days from the time you called or emailed them.

Put your papers in order. Some people receive certain paperwork from the court or police a few days from the day the case started. Others don't receive any paper depending on the nature of their case and how the case started. The papers you receive could be signed bail receipts, court summons to appear before the judges or tickets. It's possible that you could have other documents for your case. No matter the condition of the papers, ensure you bring them to your criminal defense lawyer during your first initial consultation. The criminal defense lawyer at would know the information to pick to proceed with the case.

Write the version of your story on a paper. Everyone charged with a criminal offense would definitely have their own version as far the story is concerned. Writing down your story ensures none of the major events about the incident would escape your mind. This way, you would help your criminal defense lawyer to follow the incident easily. As you write about a particular event, you would find yourself remembering other critical events and details you could have forgotten. The more articulate the details are, the stronger your defense becomes.
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